iF Award | Red dot design award-2016

Smart Antibacterial Bowl

This pet bowl is developed for pet keepers. With PETKIT app, it can precisely measure the food quantity which the numbers will be shown on LCD screen clearly, so that the owners can control the food amount according to pet’s actual demand and help the pets keep healthy and have a well balanced meal.

Red dot design award – 2016

Multifunctional Pet Remote Monitor

Designed for pet monitoring & interaction. With WiFi base, Mate allows users to look, listen & talk and play with their pets even if they’re thousands miles away. Camera, photo capture, video record, laser, all the work operated by one application, you will not miss every wonderful moment.

iF Award | Red dot design award-2016

Pet Activity Monitor

We use magnalium as our case material not only for its high-quality hand touch, but also for its lighter mass and strong pressure resis- tance. Micron sandblasting on the surface gives it a smooth and delicate texture. After 16 processing procedures, FIT is fully able to endure hard impact while still maintainingits sturdy, original shape.