Black cats unfairly get a bad reputation in a number of cultures around the world, most of which stems from the beliefs that rose to popularity during the Middle Ages.

In the many religions that came before the contemporary religions we are familiar with today, cats were seen as a representation of a god or a heavenly being. Modern religions shied away from the worshipping of idols in this manner, and the black cat was quickly adopted as a symbol of Satanism, witchcraft and paganism.

Because many cats like to go on adventures and roam around during the night, many people even began to run with the idea that cats are bad luck and that they were in fact witches in disguise, or even their servants or spies.

However, this is just one view of black cats and what their meaning is within society. Many cultures have very different viewpoints on the subject, and black cats are a symbol of good luck in many cultures!

Why not take a look at our list of interesting myths and legends from around the world about our favourite black haired creatures?

In Ancient Egypt all cats, not just those with black fur, were considered sacred and worshipped as if they were gods. They were loved for their playfulness, their grace, their affection and most importantly their intelligence and cunning natures. If a family had a cat and it sadly passed away, the whole family would enter into a period of mourning.

In Scotland, the arrival of a strange or unfamiliar cat to a home is a sign of upcoming prosperity.

In contrast, Scottish and Irish Celtic Folklore talks of an oversized black cat with a white patch on its chest, known at Cat Sìth that would prowl the Celtic countryside for human souls to steal!

In many European countries, the black cat is considered a symbol of bad luck only if it crosses your path or walks away from you. Particularly in the UK, if a black cat approaches you it is in fact a sign of good luck.

Pirates of the 18th Century and many sailors believed that black cats would bring different kinds of luck depending on their behaviour. A black cat that lives on a ship would be considered lucky, but if a black cat walked on to a ship and promptly left the ship would be doomed to sink on its next voyage.

In France, many black cats are nicknamed ‘matagots’ and according to local superstition feeding them well will bring good luck to the owner.

In Japan black cats are considered incredibly lucky for single women, and that they can actually improve a person’s love life! They believe that black cats will encourage women to attract more suitors!

In Norse mythology, black cats are a symbol of love and fertility as they pulled the chariot of Freyja, the goddess who represented these

At the end of the day, black cats are just as loveable as any other coloured cat! Though, if you are convinced your cat may be a witch in disguise, why not buy our PetKit Mate camera to see what spooky goings on happen when you’re not around!