Fit P2

Function of PETKIT FIT P2

The FIT P2 can record the activity condition of cats and dogs through the advanced sensor, make a large number of calculation through the cloud server and give recommendations for the method of keeping pets. With P2, you can easily check the health report of your pets with the data of the sleep, exercise and mood on your mobile phone by using Petkit App. (For cat, the temporary APP version has no display of mood).

Working principle of PETKIT FIT P2

Petkit FIT P2 can record your pet’s activity for 7 × 24 hours. With the most timely data analysed by an original algorithm. The device can collect data of individual pet through the long-time wearing, so you can know better of your pets.

In what way does the PETKIT FIT P2 supplement the power?

Petkit FIT P2 adopts the button battery and patented energy-saving technology. One CR2032 button battery can support the service life for 2-3 months. And the APP will remind you when the battery is low.

What is the waterproof intensity of PETKIT FIT P2?

FIT P2 can be put on normally in rainy days and in the showers. But we do not suggest your pets to wear it when they are swimming and taking a bath.

PETKIT FIT P2 can judge whether the starting up is normal or not ?

When the battery is installed correctly, the indicator light will flash for three times (Not be normally on). It can be connected with cell phone APP and used normally after being ensured that it has been installed normally. The device will work the right way then.

Connecting distance of PETKIT FIT P2

The wireless Bluetooth distance of Petkit FIT P2 can reach up to 7 meters approximately under the test environment in the laboratory.

Where is the device recommended to put on your pets?

We suggest to attach the device to the pet’s collar, or the hanging rope of neck to get the more accurate data.

How many PETKIT FIT P2 can be bound with one account?

We have no limitations of the bound A number of devices shall be bound according to your requirements and how many pets you have, with no limitation of the devices.

Can one PETKIT FIT P2 be bound with two phones at the same time?

Petkit FIT P2 is bound only with your Petkit App account, one device with one account, but not directly with your cellphone. Login the same account, and then you can check the information in the Petkit App with other cellphones

What should you do if Petkit APP cannot search the PETKIT FIT P2 and binding operation cannot be achieved?

If the device can boot normally after ensuring that the battery is installed in the device, but you cannot search the Petkit FIT P2 by using APP, you can try to reset the device and Bluetooth of the phone.

Can I check the data with other cellphones or tablets?

As long as you synchronise the data everyday, the synchronised data shall all be stored in Cloud, so users can log in the same account by using any iOS or Android device to check the data with the condition that your cellphone supports Bluetooth 4.0 and you’ve got the latest version of Petkit App. But you cannot login the same account at the same time.

How much data can be synchronised at most by PETKIT FIT P2 at one time?

Petkit FIT P2 can save the data volume of 5-7 days. i.e., if the data haven’t been synchronized long for 9 days, the first 2-4 days’ may be lost. Oppositely, the data will be stored in the Cloud. And the previous data shall be checked by switching to the exact date.


What is the material of PETKIT FRESH (Smart Antibacterial Bowl)?

Made of ABS plastic raw material resin, the smart antibacterial bowl possesses wonderful impact strength, dimensional stability, electrical performance and abrasive resistance.

How does PETKIT FRESH (Smart Antibacterial Bowl) inhibit bacteria?

BioCleanAct™, an organic antibacterial material,is added into the main material of the smart antibacterial bowl; developed and produced by Micro Science Tech. The antimicrobial masterbatch is harmless either to human body or pet. Besides the smart pet bowl gets the authentication of US FDA and Korean FDA. BioCleanAct™ can effectively inhibit the escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus and other bacteria which can cause diarrhea.

How is the energy of PETKIT FRESH (Smart Antibacterial Bowl) replenished?

Although the smart antibacterial bowl is an electronic product. We made it with less trouble of frequent charging and replancing new batteries. Through our optimization design for energy consumption, with only one pair of AAA (7) alkaline batteries, the bowl can be stand-by for 2 years*. (3 times every day and 5 minutes every time. But the battery quality may also affect the endurance life).

Is PETKIT FRESH (Smart Antibacterial Bowl) suitable for the pet with short mouth to take food?

Smart antibacterial bowl adopts “U”-shape bottom design and 5° tilt angle bowl edge which helps pets to take food more comfortably. While the inner wall designed with thoughtful height and opening can prevent food spillage during feeding. Smart antibacterial bowl is suitable for all dog breeds.

How does PETKIT FRESH (Smart Antibacterial Bowl) learn rations of pets?

Smart antibacterial bowl combines with Petkit APP and we will work out the most suitable ration recommendations according to different demands of pets as long as you enter the detailed information of pet in the APP. Through our scientific feeding recommendations, pets will have more healthy bodies.

Can PETKIT FRESH (Smart Antibacterial Bowl) be washed with water?

The smart antibacterial bowl is a precisely designed electronic product. The sealing design is used for its external display screen, battery compartment and built-in buttons. With the unique honeycomb drainage design, you can wash the bowl the same way as common tableware. * Please pay attention that the battery cover shall be tightened smoothly after batteries are installed to ensure good seal of water leakage.

Can PETKIT FRESH (Smart Antibacterial Bowl) Bowl be washed with hot water or used to soak food?

The smart antibacterial bowl is made of special plastic raw material named ABS. In order to ensure product durability and stability of weighing, please wash the bowl under the water temperature of 50?.

Is weigh of PETKIT FRESH (Smart Antibacterial Bowl) precise?

Taking the pet using habits into consideration, the smart antibacterial bowl works starting from minimum 2g The four foot-pads must be put flat on the even ground to ensure that the bowl gets power even. Press the On-off Key once, and then the bowl can work properly. In order to meet habits of global users, just press the On-off Key for 3 seconds, then the smart antibacterial bowl can be switched between grams and pounds.* If the digit flashes on the screen all the time, it’s not a malfunction, but an accidence of entering the calibration mode. Don’t worry, it can return to normal mode after replacing with the new batteries.

Is PETKIT FRESH (Smart Antibacterial Bowl) suitable for large-sized pets?

Maximum load-bearing of smart antibacterial bowl is 2000g and its capacity is 500ml. According to different pets feeding habits , pet body sizes and multiple pet food brands, we recommend you to feed your pets more than once with the direction of our Petkit App to find the best way to feed them.

Why do the grams of PETKIT FRESH (Smart Antibacterial Bowl) change during use?

The smart antibacterial bowl is equipped with 4 resistive sensors in the bottom. Temperature changes have certain impacts on resistance values and it is difficult to ensure that the 4 sensors are consistent completely the same temperature due to the reasonable errors. So the weighing value will display alternatively.* After the temperature is stable, the grams will return to normal.After the bowl is washed with water, the sensor temperature will change due to the evaporation of the left water. Thus the weighing value would display wrong sometimes. We recommend you to dry the bowl for a while and then it will return to normal.

May the patterns on PETKIT FRESH (Smart Antibacterial Bowl) be worn or fade?

The patterns and characters on smart antibacterial bowl adopt the thermal transfer printing technology with the advantages of high hiding power and strong adhesion. And the technology meets the standards of National Green Printing. You have no needs to worry about the fading and scratching problem when washing the bowl normally.

Can PETKIT FRESH (Smart Antibacterial Bowl) inhibit bacteria after being worn?

The surface brightness of the entire shell of PETKIT FRESH (Smart Antibacterial Bowl) is enhanced through polishing and there is completely no chemical treatments on the surface. After a long period of use, a little wear of surface is normal. Thus it may occurs that the food colouring would penetrate to the surface. But you can continue to use the bowl as usual. Because the antibacterial materials of PETKIT FRESH (Smart Antibacterial Bowl) have been integrated into the entire bowl, the wear and bump on the surface will not affect the antibacterial effect.

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