The majority of cats love to be free, but with a perilous city centre mixed with your cat’s natural curiosity, allowing your cat independence may be a dangerous decision. With cars and buses zooming around every corner, and the maze of towering buildings, its not hard to imagine the risks your feline friend may face.

To help you keep your cat safe we comprised a list of our top tips to best care for your cat in the city centre.

Keep your cat close

Cats get bored quite easily and therefore start to wonder off. A good way to avoid this is to create a fun environment for your cat to play in. Whether this in your garden or just in the corner of your living room, giving your cat something new and exciting should keep them away from danger lurking in the city centre.

The PETKIT 4 in 1 Cat Scratcher is a brilliant multi-functional toy that will provide hours of safe fun. This matched up with our Mate device would make the perfect combination as it will allow to see whether your cat is really enjoying his/her personal playground.

A room with a view

Just because you’re stopping your cat from exploring the city centre doesn’t mean that they can’t watch it. Cats love watching the world go by, especially if your home overlooks a busy area.

If you don’t have a wide window sill try to create a perch that your cat can easily climb on to, and to help your kitty out, replace your thick curtains with thinner ones to make it easier for your cat to manoeuvre them.

Home sweet home

Give your cat no reason to want to stray too far away. A good way to achieve this is to make sure your cat receives plenty of food and water so then they won’t feel the need to go looking elsewhere.

If you have a busy schedule to keep which might not always allow you to pop back home to top up your cat’s food/drink supplies try our Fresh Element feeding device, alongside our Eversweet Fountain to make sure your cat never goes without.

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