Cleaning your water filter consistently will ensure the fountain continues to work efficiently. To keep your fountain working in best condition filters should be replaced as often as needed, your fountain will flash a red light when filters are due to be changed. As well as changing your filter the U-shaped sponge and the inner bucket need to be cleaned every week to ensure your fountain works efficiently. The water pump needs to be cleaned whilst the water flow is low. All of this will help to keep your fountain running smoothly and providing your pet with fresh water.

To clean your fountain:

  1. Run approximately 1.5-2cm water (enough to submerge the fixtures – room-temperature is fine).
  2. Remove the U-shaped sponge, fully submerge in the water and swill gently (you can leave this in the water whilst you continue to clean).
  3. Lift the motor (black box).
  4. Remove nozzle (twist to left until it comes off) and swill gently in the water to clean.
  5. Remove top grid and swill gently in the water to clean.
  6. Remove the black, circular piece and swill gently in the water to clean.
  7. Remove the white piece and swill gently in the water to clean.
  8. Use a cotton bud to clean inside the motor.
  9. Replace the white piece, the circular piece, the grid, and the nozzle.
  10. Place motor back in place.
  11. Finally, place the clean U-shaped sponge back in place.

PETKIT EVERSWEET Smart Pet Drinking Fountain Motor Clean


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