All animal owners want their pet to be happy & healthy, but with cats it can be difficult to determine their happiness due to their very independent nature. From purring to body language, here’s our top 10 signs your cat is happy.

Eyes & Ears

Cat’s use their eyes to communicate. When they are happy and comfortable their eyes will start to dilate. If they slowly blink at you, it is a sign of affection as they are let you know they are happy. Their ears will also face forward with a slight tilt back.


Cats are very vocal creatures, with their meow indicating to how they feel. A higher pitched meow is a happy & comfortable cat, whereas a lower pitch indicates they are annoyed or unhappy. Another positive indicator of happiness in your cat is the purring sound.

Healthy Appetite

When a cat starts to get hungry, they will rub around your legs and be very vocal to try and lead you to their bowl. If your cat has a healthy appetite it is a great sign of happiness! Also, through leading you to their bowl they are showing they recognise you as their owner.

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Furry Presents

Domestic cats enjoy roaming the streets and fields near their homes, hunting animals like mice and birds to later leave on your doorstep or under the couch! Although you may not be delighted with these furry presents, it is one way your cat is expressing its happiness and ultimate trust in you.

Playful Behaviour

A playful cat is also a happy cat. A cats play time can include activities such as chasing lights, wrestling a ball of wool or simply scratching a toy. This playful behaviour suggests the cat is happy and trusting of the individual they may be playing with.

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Social Sleeping

An unhappy cat is likely to sleep for longer and hide away when doing so. Whereas, a sleepless cheerful cat will pick its sleeping locations carefully. From snoozing on your lap whilst sat on the sofa, to on the end of your bed or if you have more than 1 they will group together.


You can tell if a cat is happy through its appearance. A happy cat will be well-groomed with a healthy appearance, whereas an unhappy cat will start to look scruffy as they skip their grooming habits. Cats may also try groom their owners and other cats which is another sign they are happy. 

The ‘Question Mark Tail’

A confident and happy cat will strut around the house with a slightly curved tail – also known as the ‘question mark tail’. This suggests the cat is relaxed and comfortable in its surroundings. However, if your cat’s hair along the spine is upright and its legs are straightened, this suggests they are agitated. 


A warm welcoming from your cat when you first wake up in the morning or when you return from a long day at work is what every owner wants. Cats are known to express their feelings physically, if they are happy and have missed you whilst you have been away they will rub their body and ears around your legs.


The relaxation position of your cat is a tell-tale way to see how happy your cat is as the way they lay or sit is indicative of how happy they are. If your cat is unhappy, they will not settle or get comfortable. A happy cat on the other hand will rest with its paws tucked in and feet under its body, if their eyes are half closed this suggests they are content.

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There is nothing better than a happy feline, therefore, looking for the above traits in your cat will help you to ensure they are happy and content. If you wish for more detailed answers on your cats activity, sleep patterns, food consumption and overall mood the Fit P2 Pet Activity Monitor is a great accessory to give further insight to all of these activities.

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