We would all like to know more about what our pets get up to when we’re not with them and it can be worrying not knowing if they are safe and healthy. Pets can’t tell their owners when there’s a problem, and this can make caring for your pet difficult. Cats in particular, are very independent animals and it would be great to monitor their activity for their health, and for the owner’s piece of mind.

However, up until recently it was difficult for you to monitor your pet 24/7. Even if you are with them all day, you can’t keep track of their activity and sleep levels. A trip to the vets to check on your pet’s health can be expensive, so smart pet activity monitors can be a great alternative to ensure your pet is happy and healthy.


When it comes to health, humans and dogs are very similar and a dog’s health is just as important as in humans.  It is essential that dogs have a balanced diet and get enough exercise as it will improve their quality of life and improve their mood. A healthy dog will have a healthy immune system which will help fight off any illnesses or infections. There are a number of other benefits from your dog being healthy such as lower risk of obesity, prolonged life and decrease of behavioural issues such as chewing.


The Fit P2 Pet Activity Monitor is a lightweight, stylish piece of technology that fits perfectly on any pet collar. It monitors your pet 24/7 and feeds data to the PetKit app, allowing you to keep track of your pet’s health and mood. The Fit P2 comes in a metallic gold or silver model, giving you the choice depending on your preference.


Activity Monitoring

Know what your pet is doing 24/7 by viewing the data through the PetKit app. Your pet’s activity levels are uploaded to the cloud and sent straight to your phone, allowing for continuous monitoring.

Sleep Analysis

You can monitor how long your pet sleeps for, and the quality of the sleep they are getting. This data is also on the PetKit app. This can help you see if your pet is getting enough sleep, and it may indicate if there are any health issues stopping your pet from sleeping.

Smart Consumption Record

The Fit P2 measures activity levels of your pet and advises calorie and food quantities based on this. This stops you overfeeding or underfeeding, keeping them fit and at a healthy weight.

Intelligent Fitness Report

Based on activity and sleep levels, the Fit P2 can measure happiness and health scores out of 100 for your pet. The PetKit app will advise how you can improve your pet’s health and keep their mood high.

Water Resistant

Animals love to play in water and get wet, this is why the Fit P2 is fully waterproof and can be kept on whilst your pet is being bathed or showered. This helps give a true reading of their mood and activity levels, because if you had to keep taking the monitor off, the data produced would not be accurate.


The Fit P2 Pet Activity Monitor is an excellent accessory to help track your pet’s health and mood, maintaining it whilst also helping find any problems that may not have been discovered otherwise. The array of features on this monitor, such as a 4-month battery life, give you piece of mind that your pet is healthy and safe.

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