Cosy Pet Bed – NEW


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A smart temperature controlled pet bed for a comfortable place to sleep.

Using smart temperature controls, the Cosy Pet bed can create a more comfortable sleeping place according to the ambient temperature of your home. It can also connect to the PetKit app and be adjusted using a long-range remote via the app.


L-Shape Opening Design

L shape opening provides free entry and exit from the house, as well as complete security in case the house rolls over. Your pet can always get out of it without your help.

Multifunctional Base Design

The base collects condensation caused by humidity and temperature differences inside and out, so the house remains dry inside and humidity does not accumulate on its walls. A specially developed condensate collection system allows you to constantly keep clean in the house.

Ventilation Hole Design

An opening on the back allows air to flow freely.

Soft And Comfortable

Now with added memory foam the base mat is soft and comfortable. The bottom surface is made of non-slip material, which adheres more tightly to the Cozy surface and does not create discomfort.

Controlled via the PetKit App

The Cosy temperature controlled pet bed can be adjusted using the Petkit App, with temperature adjustments made on a sliding scale. It is also possible to turn the Cosy pet bed on and off using the app, meaning you can activate this from work or at home.

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