Eversweet Pet Drinking Fountain


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Intelligent Automatic Pet Hydration

The Eversweet automatic pet drinking fountain is a smart way of ensuring your pets always have fresh, filtered water throughout the day and night. Using light sensor technology, the fountain can adjust the frequency of the water between day and night to make sure every drink your cat or dog takes is fresh.


Smart Filtration Mode

When Smart Mode has been activated, the Eversweet Drinking Fountain has a light sensor to detect light levels and identifty if it is day or night. This prevents overfilling when your pet is likely to be asleep.

Ultra Silent Design

The noiseless designed pump and the unique convoluted water flow bring a special and quiet experience to pet owners.

Microscopic nylon strainer

Screen pet drop hair and other impurities in the water

Activated Carbon Filter

Absorb the smell and residuals

Ion-exchange Resin

Filter the heavy metal ions

Product Specification

Weight 1.13 Kg
Capacity 2 liters