Fit P2 Pet Activity Monitor


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A light, smart pet activity monitor.

The Fit P2 pet activity monitor is a lightweight and stylish accessory that can be added to any collar. The Fit P2 records pet activities 24/7 and shares this with the PetKit app, allowing you to monitor your pets health and make smart decisions to move towards a healthier lifestyle.

Made from magnalium, the Fit P2 is light and durable, meaning it’s ready to handle any activity your pet throws at it.



Activity Monitoring
Sleep Analysis
Consumption Record
Fit Report

Accurate Pet Activity Monitor

Using an advanced sensor the Fit P2 records the activities of your pet 24/7 and sends this information to the cloud for analysis. This is transfered onto the PetKit app allowing you for a greater insight into how your pet spends his time.

Sleep Analysis

Want to know how long your pet is asleep for and the quality of that sleep? The Fit P2 helps to keep track of how long your pet has been sleeping, and transfers this data to the Petkit App. This allows owners to make decisions on how to improve the health of their pet, and also identify if there is something wrong.

Smart Consumption Record

According to how active your pet is during the day, the reccomended consumption information is adjusted depending on how active your pet has been. Combined with feeding plans, you can prevent pet obesity confidently and clearly.

Intelligent Fitness Report

Not only does the Fit P2 monitor activity and sleep, and uses this information to make smart judgements on how happy your pet is and how healthy they are. The app will provide recommendations and help you care for your pet in the best possible way.
‘Today’s mood is happy.’
‘Health condition is below the standard.’
‘Too much intense activity today.’

Product Specification

Material Magnalium
Dimension 30.2mm
Weight 8.8g
Water Resistant Shower & bathing available
Processor 32bit ARM processor
3D-Accelerometer sensor 24bit (with FIFO)

Other sensor Temperature sensor
LED indicator White
Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
Data Storage 7 days
Battery About 4 months

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