Fresh Nano Adjustable Feeding Bowl

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A feeding bowl makes every meal enjoyable for each cat

We have carefully studied the face width and curves of various cats, and finally worked out the reasonable inclination angle and the shape of bowl to make most cats have an easy feeding. FRESH NANO also further helps cats develop healthier eating habits.



Two adjustable angles, satisfy demands of various cats

Because of the ingenious matching revolving fixture, users can easily adjust to two inclination angles, 0° or 15°, creating comfortable eating angles for cats.

Higher height to improve eating gesture

We increase the Fresh Nano cat bowl’s holder height to reduce pressure on cervical vertebra by observation on eating habits of cats, therefore securing cats’ healthy body growth.

Oval-shaped bowl for easy eating

The special oval-shaped bowls with an eccentricity of 0.4547 plus comfortable 15° inclination degree, provide various cats with a joyful meal, even if flat-faced cats.

Transparent bowl body for easy observation and cleaning

Transparent and shatterproof material is durable and easy to monitor the eating progress. The removable bowl body allows the holder to clean easier.

Product Specification

Material Transparent PC, ABS
Type 15° Adjust feeding bowl
15° Adjust feeding bowl set
Size 220 X 160 X 87.7 mm (one bowl type)
330 X 160 X 87.7 mm (two bowls type)

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