We’ve all been envious of our pet cat at some point in our lives – after all, who wouldn’t love an excuse to sleep all day and get away with it?

Sleep is very important to our furry feline friends, though as a cat owner you probably already know this! Cats have a tendency to make a bed out of any space they choose, whether that’s in a cardboard box, the arm of the couch or snuggled up on your lap, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be treated to a comfy place to sleep!

In fact, the more sleeping spots your cat has the better! Cats sleep far more frequently than humans do, so while they may not always sleep in the same spot, they need a selection of comfortable places where they can rest throughout the house!

So what should you consider when picking a bed for your cat?


Every Cat is Different

To buy the perfect pet bed, you have to think like a cat. More importantly, you need to think like your cat.

Not every cat will have the same personality, and not every cat will like to sleep in the same places. When looking for a cat bed that your cat will actually use, you need to think about where they like to sleep at the moment. Some cats prefer to nap in high places, some like to nap away from humans and some like to burrow underneath piles of clothes or blankets.

Knowing what your cat likes will make picking a bed a lot easier. If your cat likes napping in a particular space, make sure any beds you buy are the right size to be put in similar locations.

Get the right size

Even though cats live their life based on the motto ‘if it fits, I sits’, you must make sure that you buy a cat bed that is the right size to allow them to wriggle around in their sleep. You also need to make sure that your cat’s bed isn’t so big that it feels like a cave to them.

Consider your cat’s size, and if you’re looking at buying a bed while your cat is still a kitten, consider how they might outgrow their current bed.

Another thing to consider is that a lot of cats typically curl up in a circular shape while they sleep. Picking a bed with a cup-style, side wall shape is perfect!

Comfort is key

If your cat doesn’t think its bed is comfy, it simply won’t use it. It’s as simple as that.

Comfort isn’t always reserved to plush blankets and cushions either. Beds need to be warm during the winter, and cool during the summer. Cats naturally seek a warm habitat, so heated pet beds provide great benefits!

Our Cosy Pet Bed is a great pet bed for owners looking for a stylish temperature controlled cat bed for their home. Using the ambient temperature of the home and built in humidity sensors, the Cosy pet bed automatically adjusts to the temperature of the home, ensuring that there’s always somewhere comfortable for your cat to rest! The temperature can also be adjusted using the PetKit application on your smart phone, so you can increase or decrease temperature even while you’re out of the house.

Ultimately, there are lots of different pet beds on the market each with their own unique properties. Every cat will have different preferences, and these must be considered throughout the buying process.

Even if you buy the perfect bed, your cat may take some time to adjust to using it. Placing catnip or toys inside the bed will only encourage them to do so, and they’ll be sleeping comfortably in no time!

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