It’s no question that sometimes it can be difficult to leave your pet at home, particularly if you’re going to be gone for a few hours. Like humans some pets cope better than others with their own company whilst some pets can feel distressed and take time to get used to being alone.

However, as most people will be working, doing the shopping, visiting friends or busy with other activities that they cannot include their pet in, there are times when our furry friends need to be left in the house on their own.

There are lots of ways to improve yours and your pets experience with separation, to alleviate the pressure and guilt of leaving your beloved pet including; leaving extra toys & treats for your pet to interact with throughout the day, leaving plenty of fresh water and food down, some people opt for more than one pet so they can keep each other company but more recently pet technology such cameras are becoming more and more popular.

Mate Pet Monitoring Camera is a stylish, lightweight and multifunctional pet camera that doesn’t create an eye sore in the home and offers two-way interaction with your pet when you’re away from home through the PetKit app.

What makes it different?

Video Monitoring

Check up on you pet wherever you are, by logging into the PetKit app you can see them through the camera, record, save videos, take pictures and feel comforted that you know what your pet is up to.

Two-Way Control

You can not only keep an eye on your furry friends whilst you are out and about but you can listen and talk to them too, with the two-way control feature you can use the built in microphone and the app.

340 Degree Camera

With a high quality, HD camera built in and 340 degree pan rotation you can capture photos and video record no matter where they are in the room. The camera also boasts of Infrared Night Vision so you can monitor your pets activity at night-time.

Built-In Laser Pen

The PetKit Mate has a built-in laser pen that can be controlled from the app so you can interact and play with your pet, also a great tool for if you need to distract your pet from things such as the postman or bad weather.

Stylish Design

The sleek rose gold metal exterior of the PetKit Mate Camera allows the product to seamlessly blend in with any home’s décor compared against plastic and often bulky rivals within the market.

Why do I need it?

Ultimately, the Mate Pet Monitoring Camera allows pet owners to feel at ease when leaving their pet at home, however, through its raft of features gadget owners can interact with their pets, as well as so much more.

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